Monday, January 29, 2007

Maryland Roundup

Elections Tomorrow: In Takoma Park a special, non-partisan election to fill the Ward 5 City Council seat of now-County Councilmember Marc Elrich is being held. FreeStatePolitics contributor Gilbert has a set of interview questions and answers for the three candidates, Erich Hensal, Alexandra Quéré Barrionuevo, and Reuben Snipper. In Annapolis, wards 4 and 8 are up for grabs and Blog Arundel has links to the Sun pieces on each candidate.

FreeStatePolitics contributor Sara da Muse has a video of a protest against Lockheed Martin's cluster bombs, though the last few seconds of Stephen Colbert's interview with Michael Steele (see where he blames Bush's failure to fire Rumsfeld quickly for his loss in November is far more entertaining (hat tip to the MD College Dems). Speaking of Steele, according to a tip from Kujanblog, he's going to be head of GOPAC. Speaking of new jobs, did Bobby Haircut end up signing on with Rudy Giuliani's presidential campaign?


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