Sunday, November 05, 2006

robin ficker gets a surprise endorsement . . .

from my mom.

(The following conversation took place last Friday, November 3, somewhere on The Pike. It is completely true. Robin Ficker WAS NOT involved in any way, shape or form.)

MOM: I'm voting for Robin Ficker! I'm not voting for Ike, and I don't know anything about the other guy. What's his name?

DAN: Chuck Floyd, the Republican. He's a windbag.

MOM: Well, I'm not voting for him. But I saw one of Robin Ficker's TV ads, so I'm voting for Robin Ficker!

DAN: You know, if Robin Ficker is elected, he promises to move the County Executive's office to the first floor and encase it in glass so he can't hide anything.

MOM: See, Ike Leggett's not going to win. People still remember that sexual harassment case.

DAN: But that was fifteen years ago, and they threw it out.

MOM: I believe he did it. You'll see. If he gets into office, all the charges will come back.

DAN: [attempts to change the subject] Robin Ficker runs up and down the stairs at Cole Field House every morning. I've never seen him, though.

MOM: It's good that he's taking care of himself. Ike Leggett just looks terrible . . .

See you at the polls on Tuesday!

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