Monday, October 30, 2006

Prince George's Dems Stab Party in the Back

The CNN Political Wire is reporting that 6 Prince George's County Dems have jumped party lines to endorse Michael Steele. They are, as listed by CNN, former County Executive Wayne Curry and councilmembers David Harrington, Samuel Dean, Camille Exum, Tony Knotts and Marilyn Bland. No mention of the news on the Post or Gazette websites yet, but Steele's press release is here.
I'd copy over the text of Curry's quote in the press release, but the truth is it doesn't really say anything. It certainly doesn't give any justification for endorsing Steele beyond the whole ridiculous "Prince George's gets taken for granted" argument (Anthony who? And wasn't there some guy names Parris who went to the Governor's mansion?).


Blogger John Qusimartin said...

The Dems brought it on themselves through neglect. Who raised money for Kwesi? Did he run a professional camapaing? We all know that he lost by 20,000--certainly a little money could have cured. And how about Anthony Brown--No body knows or respects this little Step 'n Fetchit. He's an indsider with no base. And the Dems wonder why they have trouble in their base.

More to come.

10/30/2006 09:24:00 PM  
Blogger Mdman said...

John Q:

Yours is an interesting comment. This probably dates back to the Townsend campaign and beyond. Curry felt that Parris left the county in a mess fiscally. He or Ike Leggett should have been the LG pick for Townsend. Re: Kwesi, it was his to lose and he lost it. He had no money, but he had no organization, either. He acted like he should be awarded the nomination just for showing up.

I know little about Anthony Brown, but he is an impressive person. He was elected to the House of Delegates, so he must have some base. What kind of base does Steele have?

Curry has been toying with the Republicans for a while. He's hard to figure out. I have known him for 35 years. He goes his own way.

If Cardin wins anyway, which I suspect he will, what will these PG folks do next? What will they get out of an O'Malley administration?

10/30/2006 10:25:00 PM  
Blogger Isaac Smith said...

I agree the party leadership has taken African-Americans for granted, but if the latest Post poll is correct, it's wrong to say race is the main concern for most African-Americans in deciding who to vote for. Despite his best efforts, Steele has only made marginal gains over the Kerry-Bush totals in 2004.

But next time, I think, Dems need to do better. Mfume himself said as much at the unity rally at College Park last month. We can't have another senior white pol cash in his chips and expect to cruise to the election. There are plenty of black pols, from Elijah Cummings to Glenn Ivey, that could appeal easily to white, black, and brown Marylanders. We just need the party leadership to be more sensitive to its base.

I agree, though, that Mfume's organization could have been a lot better. To give an example, nearly every week I would get an email from the Cardin campaign talking about this issue or that event, whereas I would only occasionally get an email from the Mfume campaign -- and it was just a digest of current news items.

10/31/2006 12:42:00 AM  
Blogger Thomas Nephew said...

Wonder where Al Wynn was in this, I thought he was sort of the boss of PG County Dems? He was at a Dem rally for O'Malley and Cardin in Takoma Park (well, just across the road in DC) on Saturday, and sounded pretty gung-ho about taking back Congress.

10/31/2006 01:36:00 AM  
Blogger Terry in Silver Spring said...

I was wondering about Al Wynn, too. It seems like Wynn would like to head a political machine in PG. The election and these endorsements should be a wake up call to him. Put some effort into the home county, Al. Your base is a bit ticked off at you, given how close the election was. Your fellow PG politicians are taking a course that could make life on the Hill more difficult for you. You'd like a majority, would you? Work your fellow pols back home.

10/31/2006 08:00:00 AM  
Blogger howie said...

MDMAN-John Q needed no reply once he made the silly comment about Anthony Brown, a man who resume dwarfs Mr.Steele's.

This is a free shot for the PG delegation, unfortunately. They can take shots at the state party and the party will have to take it. They are, in effect, Joe Lieberman.

I think they may have sprung this too late. The party would have been split apart had they walked right after the primary. It makes me almost think the point is MUCH larger to them than an actual Steele victory.

10/31/2006 08:02:00 AM  
Blogger Rfustero said...

The problem is- lack of organization. mdman has it right when he says".. he acted liked he
should be awarded for just showing up."

Steele did not win a statewide election- Bob Erhlich did and Steele road the coattails.

If the blacks want to win, they should find a candidate who is not polarizing, a candidate who can start building and mending fences now, and plan for the next election.

Leggett would be an ideal candidate for a statewide office, he has the connections, the volunteers, mass appeal and the support of a big County.

The blacks have to get off this kick of thinking the Dems owe them.

For too long pseudo black leaders have enjoyed the spoils of the dems while ignoring the poorest of black communities and schools.

Under the democras, Baltimore schools and Prince georges County schools have suffered, black colleges have suffered, and black communities have suffered- where were the leaders-?

10/31/2006 09:27:00 AM  
Blogger Mdman said...

I was a more than a little surprised to see Major Riddick as a part of that group. He was Glendenning's Chief of Staff at the end of his term and has been with Parris since the PG days. He ran a miserable campaign for PG County Exec, but I thought he would be more loyal than that.

It probably won't have much effect. Still, let's hope that Cardin gets Wynn, Mfume, Elijah Cummings and Rushern Baker to work hard for him in PG.

10/31/2006 10:21:00 AM  
Blogger Stephanie Dray said...

John Qusimartin, you should be ashamed of yourself. Step and fetch it? Must we endure this kind of racist BS on this site? What next? Are we going to start throwing oreos?

Anthony Brown is a superstar, and even if he weren't, your comments are beyond the pale, sir. Beyond the pale.

10/31/2006 12:13:00 PM  
Blogger Thomas Nephew said...

I agree with comments about the timing; at 80-14 for Cardin among MD blacks, it may be too late for this to have more than symbolic impact -- and that may be OK with Curry et al. Still, that WaPo poll was almost as surprising as the SurveyUSA one that had Cardin and Steele tied, so Cardin supporters shouldn't be complacent at all. It would be interesting to get a sense of what gets said in PG churches this weekend.

The Wynn thing is complicated. Just to restate the obvious, his primary challenge came from the left -- ie, not many people who are likely to vote for Steele, I'd think. But Edwards got some help from people dissatisfied with "Boss Wynn," according to a pretty good Roll Call article ("With Wynn in limbo, Cardin could suffer") that was reprinted in the Gazette a week after the primary election. For example, Wynn's not best of pals with one of the main Steele endorsers, Wayne Curry, who endorsed Rushern Baker over Wynn's pick for County Executive (Wynn's guy Jack Johnson won, but not by much; btw, Baker was not among the Steele endorsers). Wynn may need to figure out just which base he wants to go to in 2008, it looks like it may not just be Donna Edwards after him by then.

10/31/2006 03:09:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Curry's endorsement made a difference for Jack Johnson's opponent Rushern Baker. While I have doubts about the value of endorsements, those several people could have a noticeable influence on African American voters in Prince George's County if they're already disenchanted with Cardin and being courted by Steele's issue-less but well done campaign.

11/01/2006 01:20:00 PM  
Blogger Bruce Godfrey said...

Rob Fustero -

"The blacks have to get off this kick of thinking the Dems owe them." Yeah, Archie Bunker, how "uppity" of them.

Black voters are half of this state's Democratic Party. They ARE the Dems, or damn near half of them. It isn't a "kick" any more than your races for public office were a "kick." Okay, bad example.

Politics is about exchanging loyalty for loyalty, and Black voters have tired of exchanging theirs cheap to their own disadvantage. Perhaps you will recall KKT, who picked Lawson, Larson, who cares, he was a white Republican. So Black Democratic political organization, leaders and money were spurned. At least it bought the loyalty of White Republicans, who voted for KKT in droves. Okay, bad example.

Dems don't owe "the Blacks" [sic]? Maybe Black Marylanders don't owe the Democratic Party a damn thing either. But Michael Steele will owe them a LOT, they are his margin for reelection. But at least you are doing your part with your enlightened comments to help remind Black voters of the confidence that they can have when they vote for a white Democrat.

Okay, bad example.

You, Fustero, are a bad example.

11/01/2006 11:04:00 PM  

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