Thursday, October 26, 2006

Like Chevy Chase Would Let That Happen . . .

[Ben Cardin] appeared surprised during the exchange on NewsChannel 8 when Steele quizzed him about the start and end points of Metro's proposed Purple Line . . . Cardin started to answer, sputtering, incorrectly, "Chevy Chase" before stopping abruptly and snapping, "I'm not going to answer your question."
Up until now, Cardin's been running a good campaign . . . is he really letting the people who nearly killed the Purple Line trample him like this?

You've got some serious explaining to do, Benny boy. You can't just barnstorm through College Park and then refuse to admit you haven't figured out where the Purple Line is going to go.

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Blogger David Lublin said...

I think Cardin may have been more accurate than he knew when he said Chevy Chase. The Purple Line would nominally start at the Bethesda Metro stop but it immediately enters Chevy Chase as soon as it leaves the station. Of course, this is precisely why it is so controversial in Chevy Chase.

10/27/2006 12:27:00 AM  
Blogger howie said...

Look at this morning's Post.

Steele held his Purple Line rally at the wrong Metro station.

Another "gaffe" neutralized.

10/27/2006 07:24:00 AM  
Blogger nickshepDEM said...

lol, howie. You beat me to it.

...Asked why he held yesterday's event so far from the proposed route, Steele appeared surprised. He then said the Grosvenor-Strathmore stop was "convenient and the easiest" site for his travel schedule.When Steele was pressed, he explained that he was going back and forth to the District. So didn't his Metro ride take him right past the downtown Bethesda Metro stop, the inner line's western end?

"This is where they told me to come . . . " Steele snapped. "I'm not trying to draw any distinction between inner and outer. I'm focused on the Purple Line." Steele was whisked away in a black SUV. Two hours later, two staff members called The Washington Post to say they chose the Grosvenor stop because Baltimore area reporters would be able to find it easily.

10/27/2006 08:48:00 AM  
Blogger Bruce Godfrey said...

The Grosvenor stop would have been a sensible choice if Steele had played it smart. It is more easily accessible for people carrying equipment in a truck needing parking than Bethesda. But when you get up in Cardin's face about not knowing, and you don't know.... I mean really.

10/29/2006 01:09:00 PM  

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