Sunday, September 10, 2006

Post Endorses Raskin -- More to Come?

The Post drops the big one:

"The high-profile Democratic contest here is for the Senate. The political crossfire has been hot and heavy-handed between a 20-year incumbent with a rough-and-tumble, grating legislative style and a challenger who says it is time for a change. It is -- and we endorse Jamie Raskin to take the reins from Ida G. Ruben (D)."

Not a good Sunday for Ida Ruben.

Rumor has it it's going to get worse. Raskin has a press conference scheduled for 10:30 a.m. with Congressman Chris Van Hollen at the Farmer's Market in Takoma Park. Given the recent Ida slimeball mailings and Van Hollen's reaction to the earlier one, it's not hard to figure what they might be talking about.


Blogger John Taldrage said...

In today's editorial Post article Delegate Gareth Murray looks to be about the only candidate the author really went after. In any and all literature, available across the internet and in print, only one man has written anything similar about Delegate Murray-- Michael Tabor of the Takoma Voice. I would guess Tabor had a signigant role in today's editorial---if he didn't actually write it himself!

Tabor finds "Delegate Murray has been a dispapointment, failing to engage in important matters." First of all, if there could anymore of an ambigious statement?!!! Second, it is flat out errondeous.

Now I am fully in favor of busting elected representative’s chops when they haven’t done their job— but there is one thing I can’t stand for—misinformation. We all need to make informed decisions about the election, investigating records and claims of each candidate, but also analyzing the veracity of ‘pundits’ opinions (or at least those people with access to the media).

Mr. Tabor, I’m sure has had many victims over the years, so I encourage him not to claim you. Do a little investigating.

Tabor seems to have a long-standing grudge with Delegate Gareth Murray, an incumbent running for re-election. Fair enough, if Tabor’s claims are legitimate—you'll find they aren’t. Specifically, in an opinion article dated July 2006, Tabor questions Murray’s pro-environmental record, citing he was not endorsed by the Montgomery County Sierra Club. A quick call to the Sierra Club informed Frank that Murray indeed received its endorsement in July—the same month Tabor’s opinion was published. In the same opinion article, Tabor claimed Murray was “missing in action...[but] was able to portray himself as a seasoned liberal.”

If Murray was “able to portray himself as a seasoned liberal,” I figured there had to be some sort of supporting evidence; after all, he doubted the man could pull a fast one over on such an active county. And so I did some investigating again, this time checking out Murray’s website, voting record, and non-Tabor press. He found Murray worked tirelessly with community groups and constituents, creating a wide array of legislation on healthcare, small and minority business, labor rights, consumer protection and community projects.

For those who’ve met Delegate Murray at events, as I did, or contacted his Annapolis office, as I also did—they recognize his deep commitment to people in the community. They also recognize Murray’s vote as a progressive liberal. Murray voted for the Fair Share Health Care bill, minimum wage increase, voting machine paper trails, the Medical Decision-Making Act, increased teacher’s pensions, public financing of campaigns, and against slots. He has a 100% environmental voting record (as given by the Maryland League of Conservation Voters), and is endorsed by a prodigious amount of groups—including NARAL, Progressive Maryland, and Equality Maryland. Sounds like a liberal, dare we say a “seasoned” liberal.

While my investigation has focused on Murray, I am interested in what Tabor has said about some of our other representatives. We can all take a simple lesson away from this (and no, it is not ‘boycott Michael Tabor articles’), it is, simply, do not accept misinformation.

9/10/2006 10:26:00 AM  
Blogger OnBackground said...

Van Hollen endorsed Raskin Sunday.

9/11/2006 10:38:00 AM  

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