Thursday, July 13, 2006

Harford Primary Season

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Let me first say how exciting it is to join the ranks of Free State Politics! (Now onto business...)

So the filing deadline passed. At least that headache is over...or is it?

According to the Aegis, the Democratic Central Committee can nominate someone to run against her even though no one filed...

This is three shades of a bad idea if they do it.

  1. The person they choose will first have to explain why they did not originally file in the first place (I'm no polling expert, but I see that affecting at least 10% of the voting populous.
  2. This person will be running against an incumbant that's on a slate. (by the way, these three people haunt my dreams at night, giving tax breaks with money that isn't there)
  3. Doesn't it just seem a little undemocratic/unethical to give somebody a shot at a elected office when they didn't file? I'm bothered by this, but at present, I'm not able to change the system.

Why should they do it?

  1. Heard of the Fifty-State Strategy? Read up on it! All we have to do is RUN Art Helton to make James spend her money (For the love of God, don't run A. Helton v Jacobs. This didn't work the last time, either)
  2. because it shuts GOPerative up...or gives him something new to complain about...I can never tell with him [let the flame war begin]
  3. You never know when you can get a win.

Do all of the uncontested races in Harford NEED a democrat running. I don't neccesarily think so. With many races being pretty much decided in the primary, it would be pretty funny to see whatever campaign monies these people have get spent on party in-fighting.

Wait, that's all the more reason to nominate people in these races!

Anyway, following the College Democrats of America convention, I will be endorsing primary candidates for Harford County races. Until then, I'll be paying attention

P.S. To those who have been paying attention, I filed to run for Dem. Central Committee. I refuse to use my blog as a campaigning tool. The furthest I will go will be saying that I write on this blog so that people can have a better idea on who I am; but I refuse to campaign from my blog. Doing so is not ethical (unless the purpose of this blog was a campaign center, which it isn't) and distracts the people who want to read this from the real issues. I'm here to better the county through awareness and advocacy.


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