Thursday, August 04, 2005

City Council Helpin' Puppies Breathe Easier

While the Highways and Franchises Subcommittee bores everyone street openings and closings, the Baltimore City Council will explore some interesting ordinances today at 100 N. Holliday St.

Education, Housing, Health & Human Services/Judiciary & Legislative Investigations is examining a bill (05-0191) that would force all impoundment facilities to hold animals for at least as long as specified by State law. Unfortunately, most of the city’s pounds are so strapped for cash that animals are killed as soon as possible. Passage would extend the amount of time owners have to claim missing animals, hopefully cutting down on the number of strays euthanized.

Most exciting is a bill (05-0050R) being considered by Education, Housing, Health & Human Services/Judiciary & Legislative Investigations which would set into the motion the formulation of a Clean Energy Policy. Introduced by Councilmember Jim Kraft, the ordinance would require Baltimore to purchase at least 5 percent of its energy from clean sources and will set the stage for a future revenue bond to fund solar and wind energy as well as energy conservation. Passage would improve health quality, especially among those most susceptible to respiratory conditions, stabilize electricity prices, and create local jobs, such as those in the solar energy company highlighted in this week’s City Paper. On a global scale, it would cut emissions of greenhouse gases and reduce America’s dependence on unsavory nations for our energy needs.

Two great ordinances that Council should pass. And if it wants to close down Concord St. for a few days, it should go ahead with that bill, too.

from The League: Reassembled with revisions

*** Addendum *** 8/4 3:04pm
Councilmember Kraft's Clean Energy Policy was voted out of Committee this afternoon. It will go to the full Council for a second reading on August 15. A staffer from Kraft's office expects the ordinance to receive a final vote of approval and the mayor's signature in mid-September.

from The League: Reassembled


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