Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Marc Steiner Show

The Baltimore's best local talk show, 88.1-FM WYPR's The Marc Steiner Show, spent the noon hour discussing Maryland politics. Steiner and his guests explored some interesting state issues:

Curran Candidacy Hurts O'Malley
The panel considered speculation that a re-election bid by Maryland Attorney General J. Joseph Curran, Jr. could hurt the gubernatorial prospects of son-in-law Baltimore Mayor Martin O'Malley. Analysts have pointed out that appearances of nepotism may turn off some voters from an O'Malley venture. One panelist thought that a run by Curran will hurt O'Malley because the spot on the ballot will not be open to a younger, more dynamic Democrat that could increase interest and thus secure O'Malley additional votes.

Poor Organization of Mfume Campaign
The panel also discussed the possibility that U.S. Senate candidate Kweisi Mfume was trailing Ben Cardin for the Democratic nomination not because Cardin has been "annointed" by the Democratic establishment, as Mfume claims, but because Mfume's campaign is poorly run. Panelists noted consistent problems with his website, including massive e-mail spamming and periodic shutdowns, as well as difficulties in fundraising. Two separate callers each described different problems with the campaign: one complained about Mfume's "aloof" personality and another about a friend who was never called back by the campaign after expressing interest in volunteering.

Lieutenant Governor as Token
Over three years after Democrats accused then-gubernatorial candidate Robert L. Ehrlich, Jr. of tokenism for the choice of black Michael Steele as a running mate, House Speaker Democrat Michael E. Busch promised that a person of color will be on the Democratic ticket in next year's election. As speculation heats up that Prince George's County prosecutor Glenn F. Ivey, a black Democrat, could be tapped as Martin O'Malley's choice for Lt. Governor, the panel wondered if black politicians were being relegated to the essentially powerless position by both parties.

It was a very interesting show. Those who missed it can listen at 7 pm tonight on 88.1 FM in Baltimore. Or, if you're unfortunate enough to live outside of the Baltimore-Metro area, you can hear it online.

from The League: Reassembled (with revisions)


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