Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Al Wynn Feels the Heat

Why else would he be co-sponsoring Rep. Dennis Kucinich's "Department of Peace" bill?
Despite the logistical hurdles and legislative roadblocks, Kucinich made history when he said he would hold hearings on H.R. 808, which has 52 cosponsors, including centrist Democratic Reps. Ellen Tauscher (Calif.) and Albert Wynn (Md.).

Tauscher pointed to a letter she and Kucinich wrote in 2002 urging Bush to postpone a vote on going to war until after the midterm election. At least one left-leaning political action committee has suggested finding a liberal Democrat to challenge Tauscher; Wynn nearly lost his primary in 2006 to a more liberal Democrat.


Wynn, a new convert to the bill who has called his 2002 vote for the war in Iraq a mistake, said, “It makes sense to send a signal to the world that we’ll at least consider non-violent solutions.”
Now, if it was only his Iraq war vote that I was worried about, I would be able to forgive Rep. Wynn. But progressives' concerns over Wynn are related to several other terrible, pro-republican votes.
Wynn has taken heat for his vote to invade Iraq. But for the past two years, he has attempted to recant.

‘‘I think basically the president misled the country and the Congress about weapons of mass destruction,” Wynn said in an interview with The Gazette. Wynn says he cast his vote in part out of concern for his district’s proximity to Washington, a potential terrorist target.

‘‘I’m not too proud to admit I made a mistake ... knowing what I know now, I wouldn’t have voted for the use of force.”

Wynn is now backing the withdrawal of troops from Iraq.

But he also broke with his party to support an energy bill giving oil and gas companies tax breaks and incentives, and an amendment banning flag burning. Unlike most Democrats, he supported the move to give the federal courts jurisdiction in the case of Terry Schiavo, the brain-damaged Florida woman whose husband wanted to remove her feeding tube.

Wynn also has supported another GOP favorite, repealing the estate tax, which taxes the property of the wealthy after they die.

‘‘I’m a good Democrat, but I’m not a blind Democrat,” Wynn said. He says he stands with his party on the most important issues.
Terry Schiavo? Flag burning amendment? Repealing the estate tax? Unacceptable votes for a Maryland Democrat.

To make matters worse, Mr Wynn insults every Democrat who did the right thing on these votes claiming they are somehow "blind". No wonder fellow Maryland Democrat and head of the DCCC Chris Van Hollen No wonder Donna Edwards and the "They Work for Us" PAC have made Wynn a target for their organization in 2008. Even his reason for supporting the Iraq war is one of the most ridiculous cop outs I have ever heard. Did Mr. Wynn really fear a nuclear attack on PG county? What a joke.

Now Rep Wynn is trying to erase his DINO past by co-sponsoring pie in the sky "peace activist" legislation. Not on our watch.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't forget, he also voted for the odious Bankruptcy bill, as did creepy Steny Hoyer.

2/08/2007 04:20:00 PM  

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