Sunday, February 04, 2007

Head to the Higher Ground

For years, our Baltimore Sun buried articles about global climate change, which prompted this author to take them to task in letters to the editor. The Sun has switched course and on February 3, published “A warmer Md. will be wetter-Threat from climate change takes form of land submersion, severe storm damage” which predicts pretty serious consequences for Chesapeake Bay and the lands around it, which in addition to being subjected to predicted sea-level rise, also appear to be settling lower in to the Earth’s crust.

Meanwhile, we know that Allstate Insurance (as in not-exactly-all-of-the-State) is pulling back coverage for low-lying areas, and local, state and federal officials are hearing the warning signs. On the local level, Annapolis Mayor Moyer and A.A. County Executive Leopold are taking this seriously. Hallelujah-even Bush mentioned global climate change in his State of the Union speech! The next question is what are you-as in you and me, going to do to change our habits and lessen our emissions? We can begin by eating lower on the food chain, decreasing our energy consumption and by driving less. It will all add up to improved health, for ourselves, our community and our planet.
And in times such as these, it always helps to quote Dylan: “You better start swimmin’ or you’ll sink like a stone, for the times they are a changin' ”



Blogger Rfustero said...

The first thing Maryland should do to help with global warming is stop anymore development on the Eastern shore, southern Maryland and anywhere else that is close to the Chesapeake.

Cambridge Maryland is turning into Condo haven and it has got to stop

2/05/2007 06:24:00 PM  
Blogger Paul Foer said...

Well, maybe all those new developments will be underwater....

2/06/2007 10:08:00 AM  

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