Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Banner Design Contest

At the risk of ending up with something really silly, we're asking for your help in reimagining this site.

How about designing a new banner for Free State Politics?

We prefer a simple, uncluttered banner that includes the title and some kind of logo or photos, etc. It could include some kind of slogan if you want, like "the hub of a nascent movement of reader-driven news and commentary on Maryland politics, policy, and society" or whatever. It should be bold and interesting. It should draw people in (bonus points if you'll be willing to make a small version as a button so that readers can easily link to us).

The winner gets to claim credit for a huge share of the subsequent boom in popularity of this blog (and we'll even link to your site). Submissions, questions, and promises of money or neverending support can be sent to on_background at yahoo.com.


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