Friday, July 21, 2006

CDA Convention, Day 1

I arrived at the College Democrats of America convention in St.Louis, MO yesterday. The first day is really boring; there are only four members of the Maryland delegation here, myself included. The entire MD Exec. Board is nowhere to be seen.

The first day was filled primarily with training workshops for state exec board members (see above). I snuck in on the private Q&A with Howard Dean. The man, IMO, is transparent. I can see right through him. Not in the "I think he's bad for the Democratic Party" way. I see through Dean in the "I know how you think" kind of way. Let's put it this way; I'm quite confident in who I think he's privately supporting in the Connecticut Senatorial primary race (DNC will almost never endorse a candidate, with two exceptions...not to be mentioned here).

Then came Opening Ceremonies, where Gov. Dean made a commencement speech to every member. That man is incredibly inspriational. He passed by me on his way to the podium (I honestly thought he was like 6'2"...more like 5'7"). That man would probably have made a decent US President, but I'm glad he's DNC Chair.

There was/is still many people running for national exec board positions, and they're all whoring themselves out to whomever will listen. I keep trying to refuse campaign stickers. I don't like that level of endorsement when I barely know a candidate. When everyone was out on the bar scene (MO legislature passed a law stating one must be 21 to enter a place that serves alcohol...or something very close to that), there was still plenty of campaigning.

My roommate, who has the key never bothered letting me know when I could swing by and unload my stuff. I wanted to goto sleep by 10:30 (11:30 EST), I didn't get to do that for another three hours. Did I mention about half the town is without power from a tornado?

That was yesterday. Rest assured the other days of the convention will be chronincled.


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