Sunday, July 23, 2006

Butt Out

Okay, I know that I should be focused on god today, but I got an earful and I need to vent. You know there's been talk in Maryland about gay people having the right to get married (I actually typed vote just now. is that subliminal or what?), traditional values, equality, morality, etc. etc. So I'm told by a whole slew of folks who claim to know the design of the almighty that gay people are sinners and they shouldn't be allowed to get married, shack up, cohabit, or otherwise canoodle or consort.

As someone in awe of this incredible world and whatever vast power brought it about, I have only one thing to say in response: it's none of your business.

Yeah, I know, it's pithy and yet deeply profound. So, now I'll ruin it by being even more clear -- I think that what two consenting adults do is between them, not us, and anyone who tries to pass a law to stop them is certainly not a lover of the freedoms this great country believes in. Now you can try to tell me your particular religious, moral, or other spin on why two people's happiness together (of any gender, race, religion, etc.) is somehow going to lead to the end of life as we know it, but I say butt out!

So when you're in church on future Sundays, or listening to an otherwise good Maryland candidate for office (you know, one who talks about freedom, justice and the American way, or is that a superhero) babble about sin and amendments and telling Americans what they can and can't do in their own homes, tell them to butt out!

Undoubtedly more on this at a later date.


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