Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Back at Last!

I spent the last few months in haitus from my own blog, HarCoDem for many reasons. Unfortunately, I lack the resources to be competitive in Harford against HarforDem and HarfordRepublican.

Oh well.

Today marks the next chapter in triumphs as Martin O'Malley is sworn into office at Noon. Many of us worked long and hard on his campaign or for his cause. It was not an easy win, but it was needed. Justly, we were rewarded with a larger majority in the legislature and O'Malley/Brown in the Governor's Office.

I for one can not wait to see what O'Malley has in store for the State of the State, and what he has in store for the current legislative session. As Legislative Director for the MD College Dems, I will be looking long and hard at what bills are going through and giving periodic updates on how you - the readers - can help out.

Anyone in MD can suggest a bill to a delegate/senator. Most are very reachable. Get an appointment with their office, have a plan on something you would like passed/proposed. Give data; the less info the office has to gather, the better your chances the Delegate/Senator will introduce it. This should be around a 2+ pages of details, or you may risk being bumped into the "this can wait" pile. Follow up with the people you contact weekly, as it will show that what you are asking is very important to you.

I will be doing this taskl during this legislative session. I will be contacting District 34 Delegates asking for an addition to the MD Work code to prohibit employers for firing employees because they are homosexual.

This isn't gay marriage, nor should it be intended to be a gateway, but presently it is legal to fire someone on that basis. This is wrong and I endeavor to change it. I have too many gay friends who have been fired or are scared of being fired. This should not be a major concession for any faction, but we all can agree that every American, every Marylander, should be entitled to a job that they are qualified for regardless of who they are, what they are, or what background they came from.

Details on this as it develops.


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